Behold The Ocean

No 14

It Is A Back And Forth

'As I have a daughter, I want my daughter to see just that; I want her to see that everything is possible, but you have to know when to give up before committing 100% of your life to something. Because it is necessary and vital to have a stable family relationship because if you keep it well, you can transport that to your work. An emotionally stable job allows you to maintain an emotionally stable family.

It is a cycle.'

'Como tengo una hija, quiero que mi hija vea precisamente eso; quiero que vea que todo es posible, pero hay que saber cuándo abandonar antes de comprometer el 100% de tu vida en algo. Porque es necesario y vital tener una relación familiar estable porque si la mantienes bien, puedes transportar eso a tu trabajo. Un trabajo emocionalmente estable te permite mantener una familia emocionalmente estable.

Es un ciclo.'

Marco Pinto, marine biologist, January 2021 during the global pandemic
Punta Arenas, Chile

35mm film photograph, negative, positive